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LoftLinks Swing Academy

Our unique blend of splendid urban décor, best-in-class technology, and celebrated PGA teaching professionals will help you build a solid swing and take your game to new heights (indoors and out).

Beau Lardner


LoftLinks Club Professional

Teaching Professional, PGA Associate
Beau is currently a Level 1 Associate in the Metropolitan Section of the PGA of America. He played college golf for Johns Hopkins University in the NCCGA from 2018-2019 and then competed on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. Beau decided to turn professional in 2020, joining our team here at LoftLinks.

As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Coach, his teaching philosophy focuses on maximizing what a player already does well by making their unique swing as efficient as possible.  By utilizing TPI's detailed physical assessments, he can identify where swing flaws intersect with body mechanics. Combining the advanced shot data available from our FullSwing simulators and drills to incorporate swing changes, his goal is to make every student the best golfer they can be.

Beau is also a U.S. KidsGolf certified coach and teaches junior players of all ages.
Half Hour* Lesson $79
One Hour** Lesson: $145
One Hour *** TPI Assessment + Lesson $199

*Half hour lesson is 25 mins in length.
**One hour lesson is 55 mins in length.
***TPI Assessment + Lesson is 60 mins in length.

Christopher Tennekoon


LoftLinks Club Professional

Teaching Professional

In early ‘21, Chris chose to dedicate himself to the game and became a certified teaching professional this summer. For the last several years, he’s been competing in elite-level amateur events at local and national levels.

Chris is a U.S. Kids Golf certified instructor and completed training programs for both TrackMan and Foresight launch monitors.

Committing to practice with purpose is a mindset that Chris adopted as a dual-sport NCAA athlete at Skidmore College, and he believes it is the most valuable lesson his students will learn. For example, Chris uses various creative feedback-based drills that train proper techniques while allowing for individual differences. FullSwing club data is used to assess whether not a player can successfully and repeatedly achieve a newly learned motion in the absence of training aids. The result of Chris’ approach is a reduced learning curve, and increased confidence as players develop ownership of their golf swing.

Half Hour* Lesson $79
One Hour** Lesson: $145

*Half hour lesson is 25 mins in length.
**One hour lesson is 55 mins in length.

Heath Wassem, PGA


LoftLinks Senior Club Professional

Senior Teaching Professional

A 27 year PGA member, Heath has been deeply entrenched in the Metropolitan New York golf scene with having served on The Metropolitan PGA Board for 18 years and held every position on the Executive Committee, culminating with a three-year term as President, capped off with hosting the Centennial Anniversary of The PGA of America here in New York City, the birthplace of The PGA.

Heath has been highly competitive as a player over his professional career with five goes at PGA Tour School and 1 European PGA Tour School attempt, 6 PGA Tour events, and 6 Nike Tour events. He also has multiple wins in the Metropolitan Section and continues to enjoy playing highly competitive golf.

Heath enjoys teaching all levels of golfers, from juniors to adult beginners to highly competitive amateurs and professionals. His competitive experiences and thousands of instruction hours separate him from most other Instructors. He truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping golfers improve.

Half Hour* Lesson $99
One Hour** Lesson: $199

*Half hour lesson is 25 mins in length.
**One hour lesson is 55 mins in length.

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